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Diagnostic Kit for Antibodies to Porcine foot and mouth disease virus VP1 (ELISA)
Product Introduction
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Foot and Mouth Disease is an acute, feverish and contagious disease of artiodactyls, caused by foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV). What is the most remarkable about the immunization in pigs is the vaccination opportunity for mass immunization campaign. When immunization is conducted with high antibody level, the antibody will neutralize vaccine, influent immune effect and result in failure of immunization. However, antibody protection vacuum appears when immunizing in lower antibody levels, thus threatening the health of pigs.This kit can reflect the antibody level, beneficial to inoculation time. It is used to detect foot-and-mouth disease synthetic peptide vaccine antibody in the pig serum.

This kit is comprised of microplate coated with VP1 protein antigen, enzyme-conjugated second antibody and other reagents. It utilizes the principles of ELISA to detect antibody specific to FMDV in pig’s serum and plasma. Control serum and diluted serum samples are added into the microplate during experiment. After incubation, if the sample contains antibody specific to FMDV, the antibody will bind with the antigen coated in the microplate. The microplate should be washed with wash solution to remove unbound antibody and other components. The enzyme- conjugated second antibody is added into the washed microplate and it will specifically bind with the antibody/antigen complex on the microplate. The microplate should be washed once again to remove unbound enzyme conjugate. Then TMB substrate solution is added into wells to react with enzyme and appears blue in color. The enzyme-substrate reaction is terminated by the addition of the stop solution, the color changes from blue to yellow. The optical density (OD) is measured spectrophotometrically at a wavelength of 450 nm ± 2 nm and proportional to the concentration of specific antibody.

  1.   Micro ELISA Plate   96T×1
  2.   Enzyme Conjugate (red cap)   11mL×1
  3.   Sample diluent (blue cap)   25mL×1
  4.   20×Concentrated wash solution(white cap)   25mL×1
  5.   Chromogen solution A(brown cap)   7mL×1
  6.   Chromogen solution B(black cap)   7mL×1
  7.   Stop solution(yellow cap)   7mL×1
  8.   Positive control(blue cap, inactivated)   0.5mL×1
  9.   Negative control(blue cap, inactivated)   0.5mL×1
  10.   Plate Sealer   1
  11.   Instruction   1

The kit is stored at 2~8℃. Do not freeze.

      If you need the manual for more details, you can click here
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