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Quantum dot Western Blotting kits
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QELK525WBQuantum dot Western Blotting kit-525(QDs-SA)
QELK605WBQuantum dot Western Blotting kit-605(QDs-SA)

Principle: This kit combines Quantum dot-fluorescent technology and conventional WB method perfectly by using the combination of Quantum dot-SA and biotin-labeled secondary antibodies to actualize the fluorescence labeling and imaging of proteins in WB.

1. Quantum dot conjugate binds to proteins at NC film or PVDF film, and is detected when excited by UV or blue light.
2. Real-time fluorescent signal is detected when incubation so you could control the incubation time. After incubation, proteins can be detected immediately in Gel-imaging System without complex darkroom exposure.
3. Quantum dot bind to the target protein have stable fluorescent intensity. The fluorescence of which will not quench within 4 weeks, so you can detect it at any time. The blotting membrane can be stored in pure water for 4 weeks after assay.
4. Quantum dot-WB can make two (multiple) proteins develop simultaneously at the same film.
5. Quantum dot incubation solution can be reused for 3-5 times to reduce the experiment cost.

WB brand pattern of internal control protein-GAPDH in HL7702cells using Quantum dot(605nm and 525nm)

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