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Quantum dot-Tracing kits for living cells
Product Introduction

Catalog No

Product name


QELK525CTQuantum dot-Tracing kits -525
QELK605CTQuantum dot-Tracing kits -605

Principle: This kit uses targeted polypeptide to carry Quantum dots into cytoplasm for long-time tracing of in vitro cultured living cells. No cell specificity

Scope of application: suspended cells, adherent cells


1.    Fluorescence keeps stable for at least 1 week

2.    Quantum dot gets into daughter cells with cell division but will not be passed to the adjacent cells

3.    No significant cytotoxicity

Instruments: upright/inverted fluorescence microscope, confocal laser fluorescence microscope, flow cytometer (FCM) and so on

Application area:

1.    Long-time tracing for cells

2.    Labeling tab -different cells to research the interaction.

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