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Reduced glutathione (GSH) assay kit
Product Introduction


 Quick and easy:it can measure 50 samples in 10 minutes..

 Good stability: the color is stable for over 1 hour after the color complete.

 Good reproducibility:Intra-assay CV = 1.3%, inter-assay CV = 4.36%.

 Recovery test:X = 99.5%.

 Less affected by external factors:less interference factors and good repeatability.

 Wide testing range:it can measure animal blood, tissue, body fluids, perfusate, all kinds of culture cells,bacterial, plant tissue, all kinds of aquatic products and so on.


Full NameReduced glutathione (GSH) assay kit
Cat. No.BC0051
Package100 tubes /96 samples
MethodUV colorimetry
StorageThe kit is stable for 6 months at 2-8°C before opening.


Reduced glutathione(GSH) is a tripeptide which composed of glutamic acid, glycine and cysteine, It is a kind of low molecular scavenger, which can remove O2-,H2O2,LOOH. Beside as the main thiol compound of non-protein in the organization, GSH is the substrate of GSH-PX and GST which is indispensable to decomposing hydrogen peroxide for the two enzyme. What’s more, it can stabilize the enzyme containing thiol and prevent hemoglobin and other auxiliary factors from the oxidative damage. Recently, it is proved that GSH is also involved in the recovery of vitamin E to the reduction state. When lacking or depletion of GSH, it may cause producing toxic effects or increasing the toxic effects of many chemicals or environmental factors. It may be related to the increase of oxidative damage, so the amount of GSH is a vital factor to measure the body's antioxidant ability.

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