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Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) assay kit (WST-1 method)
Product Introduction


 Quick and easy:Double reagent, direct operation with 96 wells plate.

 Micro-amount for sample: Sample amount needed is 1/10 of hydroxylamine method.

 High sensitivity:Detection line is 0.5 U/ml,  five times of  hydroxylamine method, 200 times of pyrogallol method.

 Stability:Intra-assay CV = 5.50%, inter-assay CV = 3.32%.

 Perfect  results:CV = 1.2%.

 Recovery test:X = 102.3%.

 Less affected by external factors:Less interference factors, good repeatability and  specificity, not affected by substances like SOD.

 Wide testing range:Animal blood, tissue, body fluids, perfusion  liquid, culture cell, bacteria, plant tissue, aquatic products and cosmetics,  health products and so on.


Full NameSuperoxide Dismutase (SOD)  assay kit
Cat. No.BC0020
MethodWST-1 method
StorageThe kit is stable for 3 months at 2-8°C before opening.


Superoxide  dismutase plays a vital role in body balancing status of oxidation and antioxidation.  This enzyme can remove superoxide anion free  radical , protect cells from damage. The activity of SOD was  measured by WST-1 method in this kit. Water-soluble tetrazolium, the  sodium salt of 4-[3-(4iodophenyl)-2-(4-nitrophenyl)-2H-5-tetrazolio]-1,3-benzene  disulfonate(WST-1), was used as a detector of superoxide radical  generated by xanthine oxidase and hypoxanthine. The rate of the reduction with a superoxide anion is linearly related to the xanthine oxidase (XO) activity, and is inhibited by SOD. Therefore, the inhibition activity of SOD can be determined by a colorimetric method.


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