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Biotin quantitative determination kit
Product Introduction
PrincipleDescriptionComponentsProcedureProduct advantage

This kit uses Competitive-method. The microtiter plate provided in this kit has been pre-coated with Biotin. During the reaction, Biotin in the sample or standard competes with a fixed amount of Biotin on the solid phase supporter for sites on the Avidin-HRP specific to Biotin. Excess Avidin-HRP and unbound sample or standard are washed from the plate. Then a TMB substrate solution is added to each well. The enzyme-substrate reaction is terminated by the addition of a sulphuric acid solution and the color change is measured spectrophotometrically at a wavelength of 450 nm ± 2 nm. The concentration of Biotin in the samples is then determined by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.

  Full Name   Biotin quantitative determination kit
  Product ID   EBD0325
  Package   96T   Price   $320
  Detection Range   0.313~20ng/mL   Sensitivity   0.188ng/mL
  Item   Specifications   Storage
  Micro ELISA Plate   8 wells ×12 strips   4℃
  Reference Standard   2 vials   4℃
  Reference Standard & Sample Diluent   1vial 20mL   4℃
  Concentrated Avidin-HRP   1vial 120μL   4℃(shading light)
  HRP Conjugate Diluent   1vial 10mL   4℃
  Concentrated Wash Buffer (25×)   1vial 30mL   4℃
  Substrate Reagent   1vial 10mL   4℃(shading light)
  Stop Solution   1vial 10mL   4℃
  Plate Sealer   5 pieces
  Manual   1 copy
  Desiccant   1 pack
  Certificate of Analysis   1 copy

1. Add 50μL standard or sample to each well.

    2. Immediately add 50μL Avidin-HRP to each well.

    3. Incubate for 30 minutes at 37℃.

    4. Aspirate and wash 5 times.

    5. Add 90μL Substrate Reagent. Incubate 15 minutes at 37℃.

    6. Add 50μL Stop Solution. Read at 450nm immediately.

    7. Calculation of results.

 Economical:low-cost; can be used for batchtesting;

 Efficient:only one hour is needed for whole test;

 simple sample preparation: no complicated sample processing is needed before experiment;

 High sensitivity:the sensitivity reaches 200pg/mL ;

 Strong stability: valid for 1 year at low temperature;

        If you need the manual for more details, you can click here
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