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Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit
Product Introduction

Full Name: Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit

Catalog Number: E-CS-0250

Package: 250 mL

Storage: Room temperature

Kit Components

Substrate A125mL
Substrate B125mL
Product  Description1copy


 ■  ECL substrate – an enhanced chemiluminescent substrate for detection of HRP activity

 ■  Economy – costs lessper milliliter than other similarly sensitive chemiluminescent substrates.

 ■  Picogram sensitivity –highly sensitive for the rapid development of a wide range of protein levels.

 ■  Stable light output– long-duration signal makes it possible to make multiple exposures to film.

 ■  High intensity –signal is twice as strong as output from other luminol-based systems.

 ■  Excellent stability– 8-hour working solution stability; 1-year kit stability at room temperature.

 ■  Saves antibody –requires much less (more dilute) primary and secondary antibodies per blot.

 ■  Wide range of the calibration curve–calibration curves range from 4.00–8000 pg, R2 is 0.992.


Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate is an enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) substrate for horseradish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme that provides low picogram detection of proteins in Western blot and ELISA applications.

Excellent Chemiluminescent Substrate emits light for longer and chemiluminescent signal at more than twice the intensity of other entry-level luminol-based horseradish peroxidase detection systems while also maintaining sensitivity and low background. In addition, the range of the calibration curve is much wider than other competitors. Also, the greater signal intensity is achieved using less primary and secondary antibody than typical ECL substrates. All of this for about 30% less cost than comparable products.

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